3 Reasons Why You Need Updated Headshots

1. Positive First Impressions.
A good headshot is your best chance to make an instant, positive first impression. Lets face it, more than likely, people are searching for you online, a polished professional headshot should showcase your personality, professionalism, and show that you are approachable.

2. It shows you take yourself seriously.
Making a financial investment in a professional photo shows that you take yourself and your business seriously. And there are few things more appealing to a professional contact than that!

3. You’ll Look the Part. If you want to be treated like a professional, you must look like a professional! Whether you’re established, launching your business start up, professional connections are trying to decide if you are legit and trustworthy. Your headshot can be a door opener towards making the connections you need to take yourself or your business to the next level

So how about you? Are you looking to elevate your personal brand and refresh your headshot this year? I invite you to an elevated headshot or personal branding experience with me, contact me to get instant access to my Branding Guide and to book your complementary consultation!

I’m Crystal Byrd Uqdah, a Atlanta-based personal branding headshot photographer for corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to sell authentically, up-level their confidence, and inspire trust by helping their customers see the real and relatable person behind the brand. 

Based in Atlanta, Georgia