Girl, 2020 is STILL Your Year!

How I dusted off my vision board and found motivation in quarantine

Atlanta Personal Branding Photographer Vision Board 2020

January 1, 2020 I made a promise to myself that I would be less of an introvert this year and get back to my extroverted side. I bought my calendar and my yearly notebook from TJ Maxx, and started jotting down my plans for the coming months. A couple weeks into January I attended the Happy Mama Happy Mini Vision Board Party, and to say the least, I left out of there fully motivated and ready to conquer the world, and photograph it while doing it! As tiny chatter of Covid19 quietly started to creep through my NPR daily news updates, I like many, just kept moving along with no worries or fears. My business started booming, my calendar was starting to fill from February all the way through May, I was feeling on top of the world as I started to watch my dreams come into reality.

And then those quiet updates turned into headlines as the virus overtook Italy, its arrival to the US would take full swing in the major cities. Soon, there were talks of shut downs in Atlanta. “What are we going to do?” My initial reaction was the fear of financial disruption and loosing everything I had worked so hard to build. Talking to friends in Asia, they had been on lockdown for over 3 months, what would become of us? How long could we really do this? Anxiety and anguish became my life as for many of my friends. Not only were we scared of the financial impact, but now, I was slowly seeing my friends and family members posting RIPs and reports that close friends and family, and even themselves were ill with Covid19.

2020 is cancelled! I think thats something we’ve all said to ourselves or hell maybe even out loud. All of my shoots postponed, all ads came to a stop, it was no longer appropriate to market towards our clients. Shooting despite the Stay At Home Orders was never an option for me. To cover the anxiety, I nosedived right into work; I edited several personal projects, rebuilt my entire website, created this magazine, gave myself a photoshoot, and restructured a lot of organizational aspects of my business on the back end. I brainstormed on ways I can offer more value to my clients and invested in further education to make my brand power stronger than ever. I even discovered new talents that I have and have created additional money streams to help during this time.

As the weeks passed, the anxiety turned into motivation. Isolation was now a creative incubator for myself to become an even better version of myself. I realized that God was indeed giving us all what we really just needed. Time. Space to recollect and self reflect. Although I still have my worries, and my crazy insomnia, I also am more at peace than I have been in a long time, I have more time to take care of my personal needs as well as my family’s needs. I find this time to of been more of a cleansing than a punishment, and I don’t know about you, but I am feeling ready to take on the world once again, with true 2020 vision!

This year, it can still be YOUR YEAR. Realize, that this, is only a small moment in time. Here are a few tips for you to help organize your thoughts to help you bring in your motivation at its own pace.

1. That you will never get back this time you have right now, at this very moment. If you do not already have a notebook or a goal board, start jotting down everything you want to do before things go back to business as usual. These things do not just have to be business related, but even things you may want to do in the house. Stimulation and inspiration can come with doing the smallest tasks even at home.
2. You have the total freedom to use this time to veg out if you’ve been going 100mph. Do not feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing for days while you get your thoughts together.
3. Re-evaluate the distractions in your life. Are the people surrounding you helping or hindering you from your goals? Are your friends the type of friends that you can call and build ideas with? Or do they knock down your ideas and hinder your growth? See what happens if you put some of these voices on mute for a while.
4. Start making plans towards those money moves you’ve been talking about doing for all these months or years. What’s actually stopping you from just getting started? Just do it. Success comes on the other side of letting go of fear.

Now is your time!

So let’s dust off that vision board, move some things around and add some things to it, and continue to bring the 2020 Vision to fruition one day at a time!

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