Find your Fire | #MondayMotivation

Find your fire and do whatever it is that wakes you up. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive. Do what inspires you, what moves you, what makes your heart race. Do the thing that ignite passion into your bones.
Chase your dreams, follow your heart, capture moments that take your breath away. Do not settle for mediocrity, you have a fire in your soul and a burning in your heart.Do not let fear, convenience, or comfort put you in those flames. Hold onto what lights you up- what sets your soul on fire. Let go of what harms you and blind them with your light. You are capable and deserving of extraordinary love- you just have to believe it. Discover what ever sets a spark in you, follow its flame and light a fire so big that nothing can extinguish it- there is enough fire inside you to burn brighter than the sun.

Have you found your fire yet? Share in the comments about what ignites you and keeps your soul on fire!

Photography: Crystal Byrd Uqdah of Love Byrd Portrait & Branding
Makeup: Blasina Ware
Model: Whitney Fears

Based in Atlanta, Georgia