Have questions on how to move forward or what to do next? Need to delve deeper into your business and get help laying out the path and creating the next steps? Then let’s lay it all out and get it done! This session will focus on getting you unstuck and onto the path towards reaching your goals as a profitable business model.

Your investment includes:

(4 ) 1-hour strategy sessions.

Recap Action Steps Checklist *Will be delivered in 2-3 days after your session

Each week we will choose a subject in which you feel you need the most help with:

  • Best investments to help sail your ship faster
  • Confidence and Stepping out of Fear
  • Pricing
  • Client Experience
  • Portfolio Building
  • Editing
  • Workflow
  • Marketing
  • Business Collateral
  • Finding your niche
  • Goal Setting
  • Critique
  • How to identify your ideal client and how to book them.


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Based in Atlanta, Georgia