“ I have always had so many business ideas but would never act on them because I didn’t see how I could follow my dreams and support my fiancé’s and also having the kids. He would always encourage me but I didn’t see how it could work … I was scared. It basically took me to hit rock bottom as a wakeup call. I lost my job, and had to start all over…life really took it’s toll on me. I finally started going to therapy, and I didn’t tell anyone, not even my closest friends. But I figured if I’m going to have to live in this body I need to choose me first. Once I started putting love into myself, things started turning around for me. I found a career that I love and I also started my own cupcake decorating business, Cake n Create. I have finally got to a point in life where I can say that I am feel confident and comfortable in the skin I’m in. I have lost a lot of close friends and some family members on this journey, some people aren’t able to deal with the new me but I hear from the people who love me the most say “we’ve been waiting on this person”.

WORTHY: A Portrait Series
Featuring | April Lynette Neely 
Photographer: Love Byrd Photo

Makeup: Blasina Salam

Based in Atlanta, Georgia