I’ve recently went from being a stay at home mom to a business owner.  My Husband and I opened a ballroom dance studio and have now been open about a year and a half.  But more than just opening a business, within the last month or so I’ve taken on the leadership role of manager within the studio.  This experience has taken my entire life to a new level.

I went from being able to go through my days in sweats and a top knot to having to dress the part daily.  Taking the time to “doll myself up” has given me a new appreciation for my own image.  It reminded me I’m worth more than hiding in slouchy clothes.  Of course that is only a minor change.  The real change has come from the amount of confidence and happiness I’ve gained from running a successful business in an industry I’m absolutely in love with.

Photography and Styling: Crystal Byrd Uqdah
Makeup: Blasina Salaam Ware 
Hair: Bilga Moka
Atlanta, GA

Based in Atlanta, Georgia