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Find your Fire | #MondayMotivation

Find your fire and do whatever it is that wakes you up. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive. Do what inspires you, what moves you, what makes your heart race. Do the thing that ignite passion into your bones. Chase your dreams, follow your heart, capture moments that take your breath away. Do...

Altavese+ Adriana | Atlanta Mother Daughter Photo Session

When I was commissioned to photograph a mother daughter photo session to celebrate Adriana’s 13th birthday I was extremely excited because I’ve been dying for a mother daughter session since my relaunch! We had an amazing time planning this shoot, from coordinating wardrobe, planning hair and makeup, and locations everything was all set to go...

Tiffany |Athens, GA Maternity Photographer

One thing I learned as a photographer is that every so often you must do a shoot just for you to push your creative juices a little further. Creative Sessions are also great for your clients to see your potential as a photographer to go outside of the “safe” routine of posing, wardrobe, location etc....

Becoming Saleemah| Atlanta Portrait Photographer

When Saleemah called me because she wanted to update her photos because she had a new hair cut, all I wanted to know was “when?!” She is such an amazing woman with so much love, wisdom, and knowledge to give she instantly brings light to everyone around her.  She is a reminder that we are...

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