This series invited 11 women to come and share their stories of transition and transformation who through a big life change, have changed the way they see themselves. From breaking the glass ceiling, overcoming cancer, breaking free from domestic violence, escaping a kidnapping to becoming business leaders each unique story of these amazing women is sure to inspire, uplift and empower. 

Through this body of work you will see healing, you will see me healing, you will see their journey, but you will also see my journey. Once I began this project, I realized how much this was indeed a therapy for me. Every connection I had with my subjects was reflection towards what is going on in my own life, a moment of self forgiveness. You will see through this work that they are indeed worthy. And through it, you will see me coming into my own realization of self worth, self acceptance, and giving myself permission to feel beautiful, again.

All of the women were hand picked and chosen to come in to a fully guided photoshoot with hair, makeup and styling. This project was truly a work of heart and a gift to be able to share in such a personal and intimate moment in their lives. All images were photographed and retouched by Crystal Byrd Uqdah of Love Byrd Photo, hair by Bilgah Moka, makeup by Blasina Salaam Ware in Atlanta, GA 2019.
All rights reserved. 



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Worthy Portrait Series | Tiffany

” Overcoming loss has been constant work in my life for the last 15 years. I lost two children (2004 & 2013) and more recently I loss two important men in my life almost a year to the day apart. My brother and cousin passed at age 40 on October 1, 2017 and my Dad passed suddenly on October 3, 2018 at age 65. I don’t have many men in my life I can count on and other than my husband and brother.  These two were my hearts! Losing them made me realize that I have to take care of my self 1st. Since then, I have since lost 20lbs toward my goal of 60, I have put more emphasis on my spiritual well-being which has made me calmer and happier.  More recently, many things in my career are clicking and I start my PhD in the Fall of 2019, and My husband and I will open a new charter school for Dekalb County within the next year!

What we say to ourselves will manifest inside out. My goal is to live with congruency where my acts are in direct accordance with my dreams, desires, beliefs, values, mission and goals. I will not let the thoughts of others affect my approach to the world. ”

Thank you Tiffany for trusting me to photograph you! You are truly an amazing woman and beautiful on the inside and out.
Photography: Love Byrd Photo
Makeup: Blasina Salaam Ware 
Atlanta, GA 

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