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It’s that time of the year again! The beautiful colors of fall are upon us, pumpkin spice and cinnamon is in the air ,maybe you just started cranking up the heat a bit (or just pulling out the warm jammies), and you just starting pulling out that fall and winter wardrobe. As the Holidays start approaching, you may be starting to get an idea of what your family will be wearing for your Holiday Portraits.

I know at times the idea of coordinating and shopping for everyone can be stressful, especially with a full workload and managing family. There are so many questions that you may have when preparing for your shoot; what colors should you wear? What looks good for photographs? How do I match without being too matchy? As your  portrait photographer, I always do my best to take the stress out of your session with styling suggestions to achieve the overall look of  your portraits. So I have created this guide on shopping for you and your family for my 2018 Holiday Limited Edition Sessions

Pantone Fall & Winter Color Pallet

We based our boards on the Pantone Fall and Winter Color Pallet. Each season (fall/winter, spring/summer), Pantone releases a list of the trendiest swatches around. These colors are up-and-comers—shades Pantone expects will pervade the cultural zeitgeist over the next few months. And all of them are pulled from designer collections shown at New York Fashion Week.

You will find all of your favorite stores carrying clothes featuring these colors this season with different combinations to complement the color and mood of the season. Creating your personal color pallet will help you in deciding which direction you want to go when planning your Holiday outfits. I always suggest 3-4 color swatches to create your family pallet depending on how many family members will be photographed.

Holiday Fashion Tips:

After you’ve chosen your color pallet, here are a few tips to make choosing the perfect wardrobe for you and your family that you can take with you beyond your session.
1. Wear clothes that fit your figure
While I also love the art of layering, it can create a bulky and frumpy look in your photos not flattering to your figure. You want to choose clothes that are form fitting but not too tight. You may also want to avoid bulky sweaters and turtle necks that smother and are not forming to the neck.

2. Formal or Cosmopolitan?
Decide on if you want to go all out with a formal look: suits, gowns, ties and pretty bows or a more casual trendy cosmopolitan attire. Whatever you choose, be sure that everyone is coordinated in a similar style so that no one looks out of place.

 3. Buy your clothes at least a week to two weeks in advance
You want to give yourself enough time to order your clothes, especially if you are ordering online, to try them on and make sure that everything fits properly. If you are not sure how a particular clothing line’s garments fit, you can look at reviews typically at the bottom of the screen. If you are still unsure it’s always safe to buy a size larger and we can use clamps to pull your clothes back for a form fit.  You also should give yourself enough time to put your items in the dry cleaners if you need a press.

4. Menswear
Men can not go wrong with a tailored sport coat or blazer complemented with a patterned or solid button down shirt. For a more cosmo look loose the tie or wear a blazer with jeans or tweed chinos. Be sure to gave your suit pressed a few days in advance for the perfect look.

5. Kids
When coordinating the kids ( or any family member) my advice is always to avoid trying to match based off one color. There is nothing worst than everyone with different tones of purple on in a photo. Instead opt for creating your color pallet and finding clothes that complement and contrast against each other vs trying to completely match. Children’s place has some great sibling outfits that can either completely match or stay within a color pallet to break things up.

We’ve done some shopping for you! 

Whether you are going for a classic formal look , or something more cosmopolitan these options my stylist and I have personally selected a variety of choices for you to choose from for a gorgeous family wardrobe. We have included styles for the entire family and also feature plus sizes for men and women. All of these looks are within a range of $20-100 and we have also included dress rental options for a more high end couture look for the kids. Simply follow the Pinterest Board and  click on any item and you will be directed to the site where you can make your purchases. Here is a sample of the board here!

I can’t wait to see what outfit combinations you create for your magical sessions this year! If you are still in need of help feel free to let me know during our consultation session and we can hand select some items  together to make it easier! For more information and to book your appointment for your Holiday Portraits follow this link for details and to be redirected to my online booking portal.

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