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Happy International Women’s Day! In celebration, I wanted to highlight just some of my favorite photos from fearless women I have photographed over the years along with a beautiful poem by Elisia Diaz! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the women who continue to uplift and support me in my journey and career! You are all WORTHY of greatness and the blessings that come from your goodness!

I am a woman
I am weak, I am strong
I am quiet, I am loud
I am a woman

I cry tears that no one sees
I laugh laughs no one hears
I scream when I am silent
I am a woman

I give my feelings to whoever will take them
I act like I love when I don’t
I act like I don’t care when I do
I am a woman

I care when no one cares
I listen when no one listens
I have rough edges that need to be smoothed out with love
I am a woman

But whether I live
love, laugh cry or Hate
I am a woman
I am strong
I will always be woman

I’m looking for 10 women in #ATL to participate in my Spring portrait series #Worthy .The project will focus on women who have recently experienced a big life transformation: physically, mentally, career-wise, or otherwise and how that experience has changed the way they see themselves. If you are interested in participating, please complete this form for consideration.


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