Friends and Family Rates

Nothing is more rewarding for me, besides being a wife and mother, than to capture the memories of others and create amazing artwork for my friends and family! Of course I want to be able to do this for my closest family and friends for free, however, there are great expenses when I put my sessions together so I have created this special pricing guide for you all so that I can insure that my cost of doing business is covered and I can give you the same priority as my other clients when it comes to turn around.

All Portrait and Personal Branding Session Fees are $100 off. Session fees cover the costs of any rentals plus makeup artist fees. If you need hair service additional fees may apply.  Pricing is 50% off of all collections and a la carte images. Please view pricing guides on the links below. (password: open)
> Portrait
> Personal Branding 

Small events including showers, dinner parties, birthdays, etc. Costs cover my CODB but may be required to add on to rate depending on other needs one may have. This rate is not available for paid events.
2-4 hour event $160

At this time, due to the time and costs of photographing a wedding I can not offer a friends/ family discount.
Details on weddings can be found here