For Photographers

Ask Me Anything $150

1 Hour One-to-one phone, Skype, or Facetime mentoring are designed for those who need my undivided attention, motivation, direction and a push forward in their business! We can discuss whatever you’d like- from fears and obstacles you may be are facing, photo critique, what gear you should purchase, Website critique, Photoshop and Lightroom basics, editing, workflow, marketing tactics, pricing, beginner steps for building your business and portfolio, and more! It’s totally up to you! If you are ready to go beyond the endless and confusing youtube videos and want someone to hold your hand a little bit then an one to one session just might be for you!

Contact me to book your “Ask me Anything” session

Photography Essentials $150

This 4- week live online workshop will go over the basics for using your camera and getting off of Automatic mode and into Manual. Each week, I will hold your hand and give you the necessary tools needed to get off automatic and into manual so you can take your photos to the next level. This class is designed to be highly interactive and you will be able to ask questions and will also be given assignments that will be critiqued so that you can learn from your mistakes. Attendees will also be given a workshop workbook to serve as a resource to go back to when you forget or need a refresher!

Workshop details:

  • How your camera works
  • Manual Mode
  • Types of Lenses and their purpose
  • Exposure
  • Shutter Speed and motion
  • ISO
  • Focus and focal point
  • White Balance
  • Camera Settings


  • You recently bought or were gifted a new DSLR camera but do not know how to properly use it

  • You have been winging it and have been shooting with Automatic settings and not getting the results you have been looking for
  • You have an interest and passion for photography and would like to take the proper steps towards perfecting your craft.

Workshops are Saturdays at 12:30 DST/ Next Workshop starts in June!

Finding Your Sparkle: Portfolio Building Workshop
Bringing your dream portfolio to life!

Workshop details:

  • 2 hour teaching on the steps to building your sustainable portfolio; your ideal client, setting your intentions, using your resources to portfolio build on a budget, creating a collaborative team, and ways to earn an income while building your portfolio, posing and shooting using natural light and strobe or speedlite.
  • 2 hour fully styled shootout in a gorgeous Atlanta, GA area with models

  • Small intimate setting of only 4-5 photographers


  • Comprehensive editing videos retouching the pictures from our shoot


  • You feel like your images are missing that extra something

  • You’d like to improve on  posing and connection

  • You want to learn how to take your images to the next level using Photoshop

  • You’d like to add dreamy portraits to your portfolio


$850 includes:

  • 2 hour workshop with Crystal Byrd Uqdah of Love Byrd Photo

  •  2 hours guided and independent shooting time with fully styled models

  • Personal instruction in an intimate group setting

  • Image critique of your current portfolio

  • Achieve consistent results with recorded editing video using our workshop images

  • Access to a private Facebook group for additional support

Dream Portfolio Workshop
Build a portfolio you love!

$1,650 includes

  • Pre-planning Skype/ Facetime call with Crystal to guide and support you through the creative process as together we put styling and concepts together for us to shoot in studio and on location. Before our shoot we will look over your current portfolio for critique before coming into your portfolio building session.
  • a one-on-one day fully packed with everything you need to walk away with dreamy images to take your portfolio to the next level.

  • 6 hours working in the studio and on location with Crystal

  • full styling of your choice of two models

  • posing, lighting, & guiding to guarantee show stopping images

  • Editing Workflow From RAW to culling, retouching and color grading.

  • Post Session recorded editing video after the shoot of images from the day.

  • Access to a private Facebook group for additional support



  • take your portfolio to the next level

  • learn simple, yet gorgeous lighting
  • get the nudge you need to stimulate your creativity within
  • learn how to create gorgeous shoots with minimal equipment, gear, and budgets.


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